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The Dragonbone Chair
Tad Williams
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Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America
Ibram X. Kendi
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All the President's Men
Carl Bernstein, Bob Woodward
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Women's Gothic and Romantic Fiction: A Reference Guide (American Popular Culture)
Kay Mussell
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The Looking-Glass Portrait
Linda Hilton
Really Neat Rocks: A casual introduction to the rocks & gems of Arizona and the lapidary arts
Linda Hilton
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Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of Violent Faith
Jon Krakauer
The Power of Myth
Joseph Campbell, Bill Moyers
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December 2017
text: Reading progress update: I've read 530 out of 766 pages.
Ah, yes, about those omen thingies . . . . . Last night's fortune cookie fortune at the Asian buffet
The Dragonbone Chair  - Tad Williams
December 2017
text: Ave atque vale
My father-in-law passed away Sunday morning. He was 95, would have been 96 in March. He and my mother-in-law celebrated the...
The author tries to understand the rationale behind Auschwitz, Treblinka, Bergen-Belsen. Dismissing stereotyped images of bru...
December 2017
text: Reading progress update: I've read 391 out of 766 pages.
Tiny bits of memory come back to me as I'm reading this, though it's been at least 20 years, maybe 25 or more. I spent the ...
The Dragonbone Chair  - Tad Williams
December 2017
text: Reading progress update: I've read 143 out of 766 pages.
A book to linger over and savor, to read carefully and with attention. I haven't had the time to read lately that I had hop...
The Dragonbone Chair  - Tad Williams
currently reading
text: A lovely but not very profitable day
Weather for today's holiday craft show at the Superstition Mountain Museum was sunny, cool, and slightly breezy. As usual, I...
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December 2017
text: Taking a break
The news is overwhelmingly oppressive, to the point that I've become emotionally exhausted. Recovery is not a matter of turn...
December 2017
reviewed: Faded at the end
Disclosure: I obtained this book from my local public library. I do not know the author nor have I ever had any communicati...
The War of the Flowers - Tad Williams
finished reading:
November 2017
text: Reading progress update: I've read 410 out of 686 pages.
I've been reading this late at night and early in the morning, in between sometimes frenzied bouts on Twitter, so I'm not mak...
The War of the Flowers - Tad Williams
November 2017
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November 2017
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Krampus White House
What a weird book.This doesn't even read like a Tami Hoag book. The main plot is a mess (investigating assault and murders of...
Spoilers for those who have not read books #1 through #4. Seriously. I know I am probably going to get yelled at for this ...