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The Forgotten Garden
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The Tale Of Terror: A Study Of The Gothic Fiction
Edith Birkhead
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All the President's Men
Carl Bernstein, Bob Woodward
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Women's Gothic and Romantic Fiction: A Reference Guide (American Popular Culture)
Kay Mussell
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The Looking-Glass Portrait
Linda Hilton
Really Neat Rocks: A casual introduction to the rocks & gems of Arizona and the lapidary arts
Linda Hilton
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Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of Violent Faith
Jon Krakauer
The Power of Myth
Joseph Campbell, Bill Moyers
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October 2017
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text: Reading progress update: I've read 74 out of 530 pages.
I sincerely hope I'm not supposed to like Nell, because I don't like her at all.
The Forgotten Garden - Kate Morton
Now that I've slept, gone to work for a few hours, and steered my older son through a mountain of homework, I finally have a ...
Dear over-zealous US editor. Thank you for keeping all the fabulous London slang in this book and not trying to sanitize or c...
text: Reading progress update: I've read 56 out of 530 pages.
This third person omniscient point of view distances me as the reader from the story. I don't mind so much when it's a p...
The Forgotten Garden - Kate Morton
Darcy is a fire inspector in a small town investigating a series of arson incidents. Each is a place that Darcy is tied to in...
There is a man at my job who voted for the Trump, henceforth known as Cheeto Dust or Orange. After Cheeto Dust's victory, sai...
I read The Haunted House for Classic Horror. The beginning was good, although I don't know if I was supposed to be giggling a...
Nancy Drew Project continued: Reading the 1930 & 1959 versions of The Secret of The Old Clock simultaneously, comparing diffe...
I once again attended this festival, (and have every year for three years now), and had a BLAST! With my friend Andi, we head...
text: 40,565 to start the day
Not what I'd call terrific production, but it was a day with other accomplishments. So I'm not complaining.
text: Reading progress update: I've read 50 out of 530 pages.
As I wrote just a little while ago, I'm feeling uncomfortable with the flashbacks. Being confronted with another, I now know...
The Forgotten Garden - Kate Morton
Singer claims to have coined the term "neurodiversity" in her undergrad thesis about autism, disability and society, which is...
I hate the fat-shaming and the cliche of girls competing for a bit as plot, because of course that's going to be the most imp...
text: Reading progress update: I've read 42 out of 530 pages.
The writing is great, but I'm not sure I'm comfortable with all the flashbacks. I have some more thoughts on that but will ...
The Forgotten Garden - Kate Morton