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Well, it's a start (and a "you can't make this shit up" bonus)



From Patrick, Director, Author Marketing at Goodreads.com


This is just a quick note to remind everyone that commercial reviews -- meaning reviews you paid to receive -- are strictly prohibited on Goodreads. This includes reviews purchased on pay-for-services sites like Fiverr. Not only will we remove any commercial reviews we find, but as an author, you may be removed from the site for purchasing reviews. If you want to get more people reviewing your books, we recommend creating a giveaway.     




Perhaps the most interesting thing about this official -- but not site-wide -- announcement is that it was released on a Thursday evening.  Most of Goodreads' announcements come on Friday, posted by the last person out of the office for the week-end.


The fact that it was posted in the Goodreads Author Feedback group is also interesting, because that group has fewer than 5400 members, and not all of them are authors.  So how will the vast majority of authors even know about this?  The argument can be made that Goodreads is not changing a policy at all, but merely reiterating what is already in the Terms of Service.


The few comments already posted suggest that there's going to be some confusion, and whether Goodreads staff will show up to answer questions and clarify issues remains to be seen. 


I won't be there.  I was kicked out of the Goodreads Author Feedback Group a few months ago because I wasn't polite enough to some new authors.  The author who called me names and hurled other insults is still a member of the group.


Go figure.


P.S.  Seriously, you can't make this shit up: