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It just gets worse.

Emerald Eyes of the Sea - Hazel Cartwright

I am, quite frankly, afraid to post this review on GoodReads.


As of today, 9 June 2014, this book has not in fact been "published."  It is not available for sale through Amazon or Smashwords, nor is it listed anywhere via Google search.


The only place it currently exists is on the author's "creative writing" pages at GoodReads.  Although it has an ISBN (of sorts) and cover art, there really isn't very much to this book.


In fact, according to the author, the rest of the book hasn't been written yet.



So she's writing this by the seat of her pants, with no outline or synopsis or plan.  She has no idea how it's going to end, and therefore no way to lay the foundation for the ending.  She's burned all bridges for editing to make the end and beginning match, and of course she has no concept of revising or rewriting.


Excuse me.  I need to repeat that.


The author of Emerald Eyes of the Sea is completely and totally ignorant of how books are written and prepared for publication, to the point that she has no concept of what it means to write, to revise, to rewrite.  To foreshadow and pace. 


In other words, she doesn't know fuck all about writing.


She is an insult to all writers and readers.


But I'm not allowed to say that.