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Three Thousand Miles to You - Delia Longford

Three Thousand Miles To You (Three Thousand Miles #1) - Deila Longford

Disclaimer #1: I obtained this digital book when it was offered free on Amazon 15 December 2012. I do not know the author and have not had any communication with her regarding this book or anything else.

Disclaimer #2: I am a literate adult. I am a writer. I am an author.

Just about every morning when I turn on my computer, I go to the website www.ereaderiq.com and I take a look to see what romance novels are offered. I usually download one or two or three, but sometimes none. My main interest is in historical romance; occasionally a contemporary romance or romantic suspense title will catch my interest, but I almost never look at paranormal, young adult, or what I call "dedicated erotica."

Into that last category fall both the original FSOG and its bazillion clones, many of which are identifiable by their black and white still-life-with-one-piece-of-jewelry covers.

Therefore, Ms. Longford's book was not anything I would have taken a second look at until I noticed her disclaimer:

"Edited fully by professional editer/proof reader."

Of course, a quick "Look Inside" at the Kindle version was enough to prove the "editer" (do you have any idea how painful it is for me to type that???) had done a far from professional job. Punctuation errors abound. Run-on sentences run on.

No, this is not a book I would normally read, and I'm not interested in reading it now. Why would I be even remotely interested in reading a book whose author can't spell "editor"?

Ms. Longford, I don't know what your first name is, since on the Amazon page it's spelled DEILA but on this GoodReads page and the illustrated cover you're listed as DELIA. Maybe you're dyslexic, which is a perfectly legitimate excuse for these errors. But if you are dyslexic and you know it, you need to demand a refund of any monies you paid to this "editer" and then find another one who is competent.

I am not your editor. I am not your beta reader.