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Dreaming of You by Barbara Mack

Dreaming of You - Barbara Mack

Disclaimer: I am an author of historical romances, including one featuring a doctor and an "old maid" heroine. I'm also a notoriously picky reader and a tough reviewer who looks very, very closely at how the book is written.

It's not a small thing that I found the Kindle edition cleanly formatted. What a relief to have single-spaced pages and indented paragraphs!

And the opening line is dramatic, heavy with promise. I settled back to read. . . .

. . . only to start yawning by the end of the first page.

I struggled through the first chapter -- the Kindle reading is 13% -- looking for some interaction between the characters. None. Not a single word of conversation.

All telling. No showing.

I didn't really need to know all that stuff about Duncan's childhood at the beginning; I wanted action and tension and excitement and characters doing things. I didn't want an author telling me all this stuff.

Gut feeling is this could have been a truly great romance novel. Could have been, but wasn't.