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The Evolution: The Chronicles of EVO by Cameron Sisco

The Evolution: The Chronicles of EVO - Cameron Sisco

Disclaimer: I obtained this book when it was offered as a free Kindle download. I do not know the author and have had no communication with him regarding this book or any other. I am a historical romance novelist.

There is almost nothing good that can be said about a book that begins:

August 22, 2084
President John Truman

Address to the Nation

... I have asked Congress to declare war on our enemy, a city lead(sic) by a man with terrorist intent...

Sisco, Cameron (2013-01-28). The Evolution (The Chronicles of EVO) (Kindle Locations 2-8). . Kindle Edition.

And it goes downhill from there, rapidly. There is hardly a rule of grammar or punctuation author Sisco doesn't break within the first page or two. The words he uses do not make sense in the context; more than likely, he's using the wrong words. Is it because he doesn't know what the words he does use mean?

Does he have any clue about pronouns and their antecedents? Apparently not, if this is the evidence:

The ceilings rose higher as they walked into the room.

Sisco, Cameron (2013-01-28). The Evolution (The Chronicles of EVO) (Kindle Location 19). . Kindle Edition.

And he obviously doesn't understand what a complete sentence is:

Snarling back at Lyan while patting his buoy knife on his side.

Sisco, Cameron (2013-01-28). The Evolution (The Chronicles of EVO) (Kindle Location 22). . Kindle Edition.

Yeah, a buoy knife. Riiiiight. At that point -- paragraph #2 -- the virtual book hit the virtual wall.

Author (?) Sisco needs a course or two in basic English grammar and vocabulary, as well as one in American history. His book is an insult to literate readers and competent writers everywhere.