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Journey's End (Marlbrook)

Journey's End (Marlbrook) - Bernadette  Carroll When I open a Kindle-edition book and the first thing I see is double spacing, I immediately think "manuscript."

There is no reason for a published book to be double spaced. There is no reason for a self-publishing author not to follow simple guidelines and make sure there is no "page 15" at the top of the first page of the book. There is no reason to have no front matter identifying the date the book was published, the author's name, and so on.

So when I open a Kindle-edition book and the first thing I see is double spacing, I immediately think "manuscript," and I immediately think all that white space was left for me to make notations in.

This book has a lovely cover. It even has an intriguing Prologue, but I want to spend my time reading, not turning pages every 15 lines. And yes, I counted them.