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Stone of the Goddess by Sandilands

Stone of the Goddess - Grizel Sandilands

Not that I really think this is going to do any good, but I'm going to try anyway.

I gave this book one star because I can't read it, and I'm hoping this review will catch the author's attention so the problem can be fixed, because this is a book I would like to purchase and read.

When I look at the Amazon "Look Inside" sample, the formatting is fine. The font is Times Roman, there are indented paragraphs (most of the time, at least, though they aren't always even), the lines end normally. On that basis, I was prepared to purchase the book.

However, when I actually downloaded the Kindle sample and opened it on my Kindle for PC application, the formatting had altered to something readable only with great discomfort. All paragraph indents had disappeared, and the font had changed to a muddy and uncomfortable Arial.

I have encountered this type of problem with several other books on Amazon and I have begged and pleaded with Amazon to fix the problem. I have logged over 15 hours of "chat" time with their technicians but nothing has been done. Amazon has admitted, in the chats, that the problem is in their Kindle for PC software, and I believe them.

Why do I believe them? Because I have also downloaded the Kindle/Mobi sample of this book from Smashwords, and the font is a nice clean Times Roman, which further supports the notion that the problem is with Amazon and not the document uploaded to KDP.

Perhaps the author will take note of this one-star review and find out what the problem is with the Kindle for PC application that screws up the occasional book -- or alternately find out what in this particular source document triggers the skewed formatting in K4PC but not Smashwords. I can't verify what the KDP preview looks like since it's not my book.

I will gladly provide to the author screen shots of the relevant samples from both "Look Inside" and the Kindle for PC app, as well as the Smashwords sample.