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The Whispering Night by Kathryn Le Veque

The Whispering Night - Kathryn Le Veque

Disclaimers: I obtained this book when it was offered as a free Kindle download. I do not know the author nor have I had any communication with her about this book or any other. I am a historical romance novelist.

And all I can say is, "Are you kidding me? Seriously, are you fucking kidding me?"

Author Kathryn Le Veque has a whole bunch of these medieval romances and I've downloaded several, but this is the first I've actually taken a look at. I'm not likely to approach the others with much enthusiasm.

How many errors can an author cram into one page? Yes, one page.

The first page begins with this:

The month of January
June, 1197 A.D.

Le Veque, Kathryn (2012-09-20). The Whispering Night (Kindle Locations 23-24). Dragonblade Publishing. Kindle Edition.

January? June? June in January? January in June?

Oh, FFS.

The text begins with this:

Chepstow Castle was a bastion that sat along the edges of the Severn River, protecting the English borders like a great lion.

Le Veque, Kathryn (2012-09-20). The Whispering Night (Kindle Locations 26-27). Dragonblade Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Uh, no. Chepstow Castle sits along one edge of the River Wye. Near the Severn, yes, but not on it, and certain not on its edges.

And then, good heavens, in just the third paragraph:

This was William Marshall's fortress. He was the chancellor of England, appointed by Richard the Second, the Lion heart.

Le Veque, Kathryn (2012-09-20). The Whispering Night (Kindle Locations 31-32). Dragonblade Publishing. Kindle Edition.

The obvious error, and so obvious as to be unforgivable, is of course that Richard Lionheart was Richard the First, not the Second. The less obvious error is that William Marshal (and Le Veque spells his name variously with one or two L's seeming at random) was never Lord Chancellor.

Typos abound, but after this many errors on the first page I just didn't care. Had this been a paper book, it would have gone straight in the trash, lest its complete lack of attention to even the basics of historical accuracy convey false information to less educated readers.

Edited to add:

"The baronetcy of Anglecynn is older than England herself and you will inherit it when your father dies."

Le Veque, Kathryn (2012-09-20). The Whispering Night (Kindle Locations 63-64). Dragonblade Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Given the page size of my Kindle, this appeared on page 3. Once again, do authors of historical romances not bother to do the slightest bit of research into the peerage? Not even Wikipedia? Try it, you'll like it! The earliest mention of baronets...was in 1321. Of course the heir to that "baronetcy" has just described himself as:

"...I am, after all, only a knight, the son of baron..."

Le Veque, Kathryn (2012-09-20). The Whispering Night (Kindle Locations 62-63). Dragonblade Publishing. Kindle Edition.

A baron's estate is a barony; a baronet's is a baronetcy. Please, please, please, keep them straight.

*buries face in hands*