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Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of Violent Faith
Jon Krakauer

Aku-Aku, by Thor Heyerdahl

AKU-AKU - The Secret of Easter Island - Rand; Heyerdahl,  Thor McNally

I originally read excerpts of this in one of the weekly magazines -- Life or Look or the Saturday Evening Post -- that my parents subscribed to. I was so intrigued by Easter Island that I saved my pennies and nickels -- we're talking roughly 1959-60, when my allowance was about 25 cents a week -- to buy the paperback edition. Eventually that copy fell apart from so many readings, but I recently found an identical one in terrific condition at a yard sale. Grabbed it for a quarter!

While some of Heyerdahl's theories may have been disproven over the decades, I found his enthusiasm and willingness to try it all out for himself very engaging. And the book is a terrific read, with great photos, too.