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Effects of Unfairly Unfavorable Book Reviews

Effects of Unfairly Unfavorable Book Reviews on Independent Authors - James M. Lowrance

A poorly written 6,000-word whine by a self-published author who is all bent out of shape because people don't love his books. Some other similarly disappointed and ego-bruised self-publishing authors may find this offers comfort and convenient excuses.

Lowrance's suggested solution is not that writers should learn to write (and publish) better books, but that reviewers should be nicer and when the reviewers won't be nicer on their own, the websites where they post should force the reviewers to be nicer.

Please note, too, that Lowrance never whines about the literally thousands of unfairly favorable book reviews posted by shills and sockpuppets and paid reviewers. Oh, no, it's only the unfavorable reviews he targets.

Of course, though he admits some negative reviews might be fair and honest, he comes across as convinced that the vast majority are mean and spiteful, unfair and unjustified, posted by competing authors or their fans, or whatever.

The irony is that to prevent the rare cases of justified negative reviews, he advocates the digital publishing platforms -- one presumes he means Amazon, since most of his own books are Kindlized -- screen the content they allow on their sites. Apparently Lowrance has no awareness of what that would do to the cost of publishing on these digital sites nor what it would do to the cost of purchasing such books. The chief attraction of Kindle and Smashwords and the like is that they are FREE for the self-publishing authors and CHEAP (and sometimes FREE) for the readers.

Nor does it ever occur to him that his own content might never pass muster.

Obtained free on Amazon 14 November 2012.