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Secrets in the Shallows

Secrets in the Shallows (Monastery Murders) (Volume 1) - 'Karen Vance Hammond',  'Kimberly Brouillette'

IF you want to slog through turgid purple prose, this might be the book for you. IF you want to risk the wrath of a prima donna author, you can leave a negative review.

I tried the sample. IF I had picked this book up in a book store and read the first page, I'd have put it right back on the shelf.

And IF the author had walked up behind me to criticize my decision and to provide pages and pages of lecture to tell me how to read it, I probably wouldn't have put it back quietly.

It's just not written very well. The Josh Olson rule and all that.

The Prologue opens with an atmospheric scene of woods. By a lighthouse. By a monastery. By a bay. When I, as a reader, have to stop to try to figure out where I am in the first scene, I know the rest of the book is going to be an effort. And not the fun intellectual effort of trying to figure out the mystery.

I'll pass on this one.

Edited to add:

The book appears to be out of print and I didn't see an e-book on Amazon so I guess I don't have to worry about buying it anyway.