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Possession - A.S. Byatt

As it turned out, there were two quotes I wanted to make note of.


p. 302


He saw, or thought he saw, how those qualities had been disguised or overlaid by more conventional casts of expression --- an assumed modesty, an expedient patience, a disdain masking itself as calm.  At her worst -- oh, he saw her clearly, despite her possession of him --- at her worst she would look down and sideways and smile demurely, and this smile would come near a mechanical simper, for it was an untruth, it was a convention, it was her brief, constricted acknowledgement of the world's expectations.


p. 304


He would change all that.  He could change all that, he was tolerably certain.  He knew her, he believed.  He would teach her that she was not his possession, he would show her she was free, he would see her flash her wings.