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Possession - A.S. Byatt

My time the past several days has been taken up with rocks, as I try to take advantage of spring weather before it gets too hot, so I've usually fallen into bed, read a few pages, and succumbed quickly to exhaustion.  But I persist because this book is so wonderful.


What makes it such a tour de force, I think, is that it's written by so many different characters, each with their own voice, each with their own secrets.


Though I know how the book ends, I don't remember exactly how all the little pieces fit together.  So far, there are two big questions I'm looking for the answers to.



1. Why hadn't Cropper got hold of, or at least read, Ash's Vico before Roland found it?


2. Why hadn't Nest raised her own questions about Ellen Ash's communications with Blanche Glover?


(show spoiler)


So we'll see what happens. It's raining today, which means no time on the rock saw, but I think my back is telling me it needs a rest anyway. I do NOT need a return of the screaming muscle spasms that are threatening again.