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Okay. Morris Knolls is the 2020 NJ State Public A Boys' Ice Hockey Champions



I'll post pics as I get them.


It was 2-2 at the end of regulation, but Morris Knolls still had to kill 3:19 of major roughing penalty going into overtime.


Overtime, per info from reporter at nj.com, is sudden death five on five (less any penalties remaining from regulation) for 15 minutes, then if still tied drops to 7.5 minutes of four on four.


Morris Knolls killed the rest of the penalty, then scored the winning goal maybe a minute or so after returning to full strength.


I still don't have any reaction from my daughter.


Will get more details from her and from nj.com as they're available.




When I talked to Rachel, she still hadn't talked to Elliot because he was still with the team.  They would go back to the school on the team bus, then be met at the school by fire trucks to escort them . . . wherever.



Elliot (#29) on the right congratulating team-mates at the win.


(All photos from nj.com)


Then there's




Team photo with trophy, Elliot is the kid on the far right with the crown.


Rachel said at one point during the game the students from Morris Knolls Hills (the team is combined from two schools) were chanting "He's a freshman, he's a freshman," because Elliot is in his first year at Morris Hills.


Will post more updates as I get them.



Interview on Twitter: