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Desert Roses

The particular rock form that we call "desert roses" here is made of chalcedony, a common type of quartz (silicon dioxide).  There's another type from Oklahoma and elsewhere that's made of gypsum.  Those can be quite fragile, but our chalcedony ones are pretty tough.



This one that I found Saturday was picked up off the ground exactly as you see it.  Clean, no dirt, no digging, no nothing.  Just lying there waiting to be picked up.


So was this one.



It has a few specks of dirt, so it will have to be cleaned up a bit, but it was literally lying on the ground beside the van's front tire. It has some sparkly crystals on one side, but they are a little worn, indicating this tiny beauty has been tumbled around by the weather a bit.  It's all of 3/8 inch in diameter.


The largest single desert rose I've ever found is about two and half inches in diameter, the same pink as the first one above.  It does have broken edges where it broke off from other pieces of chalcedony, but  it's still pretty amazing.