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The Summer Tree - Guy Gavriel Kay

I'm at the  86% mark and still forcing myself to read. 


Too many questions draw me out of the story instead of into it. I still don't know if svarts alfar (svart alfars?) are like dark elves per the original meaning or are they something else? They, like the lios alfar, are never referred to as alfar/alfars. Is one lios a lio? Or are more than one lioses?


Then there's that magical thing born that Tabor saw, the thing that wasn't and couldn't be but would be. A person? I wondered.  Or a dragon? Or something new and magical?


What's the purpose in leaving the reader unclear? Why make the reader read a passage several times to see if she missed a clue? Why? Why make her go back to previous passages??!! 


Oh, it's a chestnut unicorn with a silver horn and it flies. And then it goes away.




It's only at about the 75% point that some of the mixed up timeline is sort of straightened out, but I still have no real understanding of just how much time has passed and which events have occurred at the same time but in different places.


Worst of all, I have no clue what the point of the whole story is.


in LOTR, we knew that it was about The Ring. We learned early on just what The Ring was and why it was important. There were references to elves, to dwarves, to magic. The hobbits lived in peaceful obscurity, but they knew about the rest of the world.


In this book, nothing is connected. Kimberly becomes the new Seer and Ysanne gets undone and erased, but why???


Why is Paul sacrificing himself? What will happen?  What does it mean in the grand scheme?


Dave didn't want to go, but he's all in now in just a few pages.  Wow! That was easy!


I don't care about any of them.  I don't know enough about them after 329 pages to care. One of the five earth humans is Jewish and I guess that's supposed to mean something but I don't even know which one it is.  And I don't care.