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I'm getting worse instead of better

A week ago, I signed up to do an authors' event at the local museum.  To make sure I had plenty of books, I ordered more from Amazon.  They were due to be delivered today.


Between 11:00 and 1:00.


At 9:00 it started raining.


I was in bed by then, lying on the heating pad and trying not to breathe.  But I had to keep tabs on that shipment. 


Amazon always delivers either right to the door or by the inside gate.  If there's any hint of rain, they cover in plastic.


I still worried.



The package was delivered about 12:10.  I went outside to look for it and saw nothing.  Nothing on the porch, nothing on the patio.


Nothing inside the gate.  Nothing on the outside of the gate.


Then I saw a flash of red.  It was a sticker on the box.  The box was just on the beginning of the path inside the outer gate.  About as far from the house as it could be.


My back was screaming, but I opened the walk gate and walked up the path.  The red stickers that I saw were labels marked HEAVY.


Thirty pounds of books is heavy.


Though the box had arrows pointing up, the box was set on end.  The strapping tape holding it closed on the bottom was almost broken.


I thought about leaving it.  I knew it would mess up my back, but there was still the chance of rain.  I was afraid Amazon wouldn't honor a replacement if their delivery person left my books out in the rain.  I was afraid a fight with them would delay arrival of decent books until past the event.


I needed those damn books.


BF, who could have helped, was at the VA getting his injured foot evaluated yet again.  Even if he were here, he might not have been able to help.


So I carried the 30 pounds of books into the house.  As I set the box down, the bottom tape broke.


And then the rain started.