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Unpublished, so why bother? DNF

A Lady in Need - Emily J. Holt

I picked this one out of the Kindle inventory -- now just over 5800 titles -- and started it Sunday afternoon when the gloom and grey and cold and rain made me a lady in need of entertainment.


Oh, ugh, the first couple of pages were terrible, dull, unfocused, telling-not-showing.


I blamed my disappointment on other factors -- I no longer trust my own opinion -- and decided I'd better check out other reviews to see what everyone else was saying.


That's how I found out this book no longer exists.  It's been pulled from Amazon.


It has a few reviews on Goodreads, and although some are the usual glowing, gushing raves, some of the others point to the same issues I saw within just a few pages.


There's no reason for me to continue with a book I'm not enjoying.  Maybe the author is rethinking the quality of her book, but at this point I don't care.