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History of Witchcraft in England from 1558 to 1718
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I don't review genres I know nothing about.

I don't read genre horror.  I kinda don't like it.  Blood and gore and that stuff is just icky to me.  Disney's Snow White scared the crap out of me when I was about four years old and I've never stopped being creeped out by horror movies and books.


When Halloween Bingo rolls around, I try to read a little bit of sort-of horror, but I don't enjoy it.


I have never read any of Stephen King's fiction.  None.  I tried The Stand, but I didn't get it and quit after about 10 pages.  I tried one other book, title forgotten, but it creeped me out within four or five pages, so that was the end of that.


I don't review horror fiction.  I don't read it, I don't have any idea what's good horror and what's bad horror, and I have no standards against which to measure anything I'd read.


Hard science fiction isn't my thing either.  It doesn't scare me or give me negative feelings; it just doesn't interest me.  So I read almost no hard science fiction and therefore I don't review it.


My go-to genres are historical romance, gothic romance, and romantic suspense; epic fantasy; and mystery.  Once in a while I'll pick up a thriller or a straight historical novel, so I have a little bit of background there.  These therefore are the genres I'll rate and review and pick apart microscopically.  They're the only ones I feel confident I can determine good writing from bad writing, thus good books from bad books.


I don't and won't negatively review books just because they're in genres I don't enjoy reading.