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Studio Tour -- Recovery and Post-mortem

My car is back.  I am considerably poorer as a result, and the air conditioning still isn't working right, but that's a separate issue.  It's November, so I have a while before a/c becomes crucial.


Everything from the Studio Tour is packed up and put away until the next show.  I've tried to continue putting a few things away here and there in the studio and I can actually see a tiny bit of improvement.  Of course, we have lovely sunny weather, which means the studio heats up quickly.  At 1:30 this afternoon it was well over 90F inside!  I did my work there early in the morning.


Forecast for good weather over the next two weeks means I really need to find a source for lubricating oil for the rock saw.  That's on tomorrow's agenda, along with a huge list of other errands.


The decluttering project is once again active, after being shoved aside for other activities.  I make the most progress on that when BF is out of the house.  Otherwise he interrupts me far too often.


Without having real details on how much publicity is done for the Studio Tour, I'm not able to make a valid analysis of what, if anything, is wrong, but it seems to me that something -- something -- is not right.  The first year, when I resurrected it from another group and had absolutely no clue what I was doing, we had 20 studios and approximately 50 artists.  That was 2007.  Here we are in 2018 and we had 24 studios and 74 artists.  That doesn't seem like much growth.  Membership in the group has gone from the original12 we had when we did that first Tour to about 80 now.


My feeling is that we're still missing the biggest promotional opportunity with our local magazine, Superstition Living.  It comes out early each month, but not necessarily on the 1st or even the 2nd day of the month.  Here we are today on the 5th, and the November edition hasn't arrived; the website is still showing the October edition.  If there's an article  about the Studio Tour, well, it's too late.  I've begged the publicity person to do more throughout the year, but well, you know how it is.


I noticed this morning that the signs we put out along the roadsides are not nearly as visible as they should be.  They're the size of small political campaign signs, and this time of year they get lost in the forest.  Worse, however, is that ours are put on bent wires, which places the sign itself literally at ground level.  Although the color is hot pink and seems like it would just jump out, it actually doesn't.  So any reliance on drive-by traffic is probably zero.  People who already have maps might be able to use the signs, but they're not a good draw in and of themselves.  They need to be bigger and a different color.  Green?  Turquoise?  Red?  Purple?  Pink doesn't cut it.


For my studio, I also need better signage, which I had planned to take care of last week but had to deal with the car instead.  Since we have another Tour coming up in March, I'm going to start preparing for it right away!


The art group doesn't meet again until 14 November, so there's time to do some more analysis.  But I'm really not happy with the way things went this year.