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Studio Tour, Day Two

Well, I didn't make $20,000, which is how much it would take to clean up all my urgent financial needs.  But I made a little bit and that's okay.  The Studio Tour is not my most profitable event, but it still is my favorite.  I have lots of fun!


I had no weird customers today at all.  Just a lot of nice folks who had lots of questions and said lots of nice things about my work even if they didn't buy very much.  Again, that's par for the course with this event.


Weather was absolutely perfect except for a space of about half an hour later in the afternoon when we got a few clouds.  All that did was keep the sparkly stones from sparkling.  And the clouds did make an absolutely SPECTACULAR sunset, but by then I was too tired to hunt up the camera.


The show ended at 4:00 and by 5:00 I had almost everything torn down and put away.  The first load of table covers went in the washer before we left for dinner; I'll throw them in the dryer before I go to bed, and leave the second batch until tomorrow.  Then everything will be ready for the next show on 2 December.


I wish I had sold more not just for the money which is always welcome, but to decrease the stock on hand.  My big organizing project from last week made a huge difference in the amount of working space I have available in the studio, but it didn't decrease the actual amount of "stuff."  That's what I need to do -- get rid of . . . stuff.


The decluttering project will move back into high gear this coming week, I hope.  At least that's the plan.  Tomorrow morning the car goes to the mechanic for a new alternator or whatever, and then I intend to spend the rest of the day on the decluttering.


Tuesday is, well, Tuesday.  Right now, the stress is almost unbearable.