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No update on the rocks, but the car died

I'm hoping the car can be resurrected.  Actually, I'm hoping we can get it running long enough to reach the repair shop.


BF is usually pretty good at figuring out what the issues are, but he's not positive this time.  Could just be a dead battery.  It's three years old and that's usually about how long they last here due to the heat.  Might be the alternator, or even possibly both. Or something else entirely.


I'm just glad it happened here at home.  I had a doctor appointment at 2:00 and when I went to leave at 1:30, the car wouldn't start.  At all.  Not with a jump even.


I wasn't able to reach my friend who gave me the amethysts, but he's been known to take off for a few days and be out of cell phone range.  I'll try again tomorrow.


Oh, I almost forgot.  I bought a new deck of tarot cards from Amazon.  They arrived today and I haven't even had a chance to look at them.