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I wanted to reach 55,000 yesterday, and would have been happy with 54,500, but even my longhand writing in bed didn't quite get me there.  But progress is still progress.


This morning I felt good enough to hit the workshop and the rock saw, since we had perfect weather for it.  I knew the blade was close to wearing out and I didn't know for sure how much lubricating oil I had left, but I figured I might as well do what I could.  Well, there was barely enough oil to fill the reservoir, and the blade was really getting down to the nub, but I did get a few things cut.  I have a new blade in reserve, but I'll have to buy more oil.


The material I cut was nothing spectacular, though I may have one nice piece of gem silica or malachite in quartz or something.  I can't tell because it's still so dirty from the oil.  I'll know better tomorrow.  The rest was just odds and ends to try to clean up some of the mess.


I won't change the blade and cut any more until after the Studio Tour, which is a mere ten days away.  Today's cuts will probably yield enough to fill at least one small tumbler barrel, which I'll start tomorrow.


The weather forecast for the Tour -- which is a mere ten days away now! -- has been rather iffy.  A few days ago, the prediction was for rain all that week-end, which would have been a catastrophe after the previous show also got rained out.  The outlook has improved, however, so that now we're supposed to be mostly sunny with a high around 70.  We'll see if that holds up.


I have considered just leaving everything set up for the next week-end as well, and just put a few signs out to see if it draws any drop-in traffic.  I wouldn't be out anything, and I could just sit out there and make jewelry . . . or write. 


(And yes, I know there shouldn't be an apostrophe on the first "Artists." I had already corrected the LACK of such on the second, but the people putting the map together are dumber than my rocks, and I've frankly just gotten tired of holding their hands on this shit.  I've also told them every year to leave off my phone number since I won't answer calls from any number I don't recognize, but again, dumber than rocks.  I give up.)