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Everything is just getting weird (more thinking aloud)

Maybe this is just the season for weirdness.  Or maybe it's that phenomenon of once you see a thing, you see it everywhere and then you wonder why the hell you never saw it before.


Last night after the encounter with the T A R A N T U L A by the back steps, I stayed up for a while and finished a few small tidying chores.  When I did finally go to bed, I did indeed leave the light on, knowing full well that it was more likely to attract creeping and/or flying creatures that deter them, but at least if I woke up from a nasty snakes and spiders dream, I'd know right away where I was and not be disoriented.  As it turned out, I had no creepy dreams but did wake up around 2:00 long enough to ascertain there were no monsters lurking and to turn out the light.


I slept until shortly after 5:00.  Moby wanted outside, and BF was making all kinds of noise in preparation for another day of umpiring girls' softball games.  He will be going to watch football games with his friends afterward, so I have the house to myself until about 10:00.  Yay!


I've already crossed a couple of small tasks off The List for today, but there is much, much more.


I've also already had another issue come up related to the do I move or stay decision.


In cleaning up some of the loose paper this morning, I came across some material related to last year's Studio Tour and it got me to thinking.  As impatient as I am to discuss this whole thing openly, I really do want to wait until Wednesday's meeting, just to see how things are going with the group.  And the paperwork I found this morning reminded me of some other things. . . .


About a year ago, one of my (few) friends in the artists' group decided to move.  Like me, she had no family here and had issues that made her want to be closer to family.  She loved Arizona and wasn't crazy about going back to a part of the country where there was occasional snow and ice, but there were too many other considerations. 


Among them was her own physical health.  She had had both a hip and knee replacement due to an accident and was strongly encouraged to walk as therapy.  Her husband also had health issues for which his doctors recommended walking more.  And in this part of Arizona, outdoor walking is simply not feasible for several months out of the year.


As she told me, the choice was between moving to a location where walking/hiking was reasonable most of the time or buying a gym membership.  Here, those memberships aren't always cheap, and her husband is a loner who doesn't like socializing much anyway.  He flat out nixed the "fitness center" idea, and since she didn't want to have to get up at 4:00 in the morning to walk when it's only 95 outside, and since she both needed some family assistance and also wanted to be closer to several new grandchildren, she made the decision to move. 


Even as an artist whose paintings and drawings of western and desert landscapes are absolutely phenomenal, she knew that gorgeous scenery just isn't enough to live on.


Her financial situation was very different from mine, and she was able to make several trips to her destination for the purpose of locating a place to buy and negotiating the deal.  I don't have that luxury, at least not yet.


But thinking about her decision highlighted something else about mine that I hadn't thought of.


I, too, tend to sit too much during the summer, which creates (esp. at my age) a need for real physical recovery before the show season's requirements of loading, unloading, hauling, setting up, tearing down, etc.  Part of it, I'm sure, is just global climate change that makes the triple digit weather hang on a bit longer every September and arrive earlier every May.  But I simply need to move more, and it's almost as dangerous to get out and walk around the neighborhood as it is to sit and do nothing.  There's the heat to contend with even before full sunrise, plus the snakes (they're not easy to see in the dark/dusk).  I'm not worried about the coyotes, but we do have javelina and they can be really nasty.  And to go walking alone in a sparsely populated area is also not safe.


More and more and more, the scale is being tipped in the "move" direction.