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no picture, no way

— feeling horror

After the incident with the snakes, BF has been insistent about checking with a flashlight before taking the dogs out after dark.


Moby wanted another trip outside, even though he had been out earlier.  I got my flashlight and made sure there were no snakes.  Moby did his thing and then we headed back to the house.


He's a bit slow coming up the steps, and I wanted to hurry him up a little bit.  Usually I open the door first and coax him from the doorway, but the flashlight draws bugs and we are having a moth invasion right now.  So instead I opened the door and went back down the (four) steps to nudge him from behind.


That's when I saw the tarantula.  Right by the steps.


I didn't scream, but I did get Moby in the house right away.


BF says the tarantula will go back in its hole (wherever that is) and I know they aren't exactly dangerous.  (My son had two of them as pets; I never once visited while he had them.)  But they are T A R A N T U L A S.