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Sometimes Flowers Happen

I went out to the mailbox and saw these today.





The golden barrel cactus does bloom throughout the summer in into fall, but it's rare for the cinnamon dot prickly pear to put out flowers after the big spring bloom.  So this was a pleasant surprise, well worth coming in to get the camera.


I've spent most of the morning on various cleaning and decluttering projects and have made a little bit of progress.  Deliberations regarding a possible move continue, but the cleaning will help regardless.  I have too much shit here.  My "every day throw five away" isn't working as well has I had hoped; I do manage to get rid of one or two items each day, which is a sad, slow process.


As I mentioned in a comment on one of the other posts, I'm trying to clear out the accumulated 3" floppy disks, and that has been much more of a chore than anticipated. A lot of the files are duplicated, sometimes with new names and sometimes not.  I'm not -- I repeat, NOT -- sorting these ancient files.  They're all going into a bucket file for sorting and disposal when I have more time.


Time, as in the old adage of time being money, is starting to figure more prominently in the calculations over whether to stay or to move.  I was able to spend some time outside this morning -- I was in the workshop shortly before 6:00 a.m. -- to take care of the rock tumblers and a little bit of cleaning, but before 7:30, the temperature was climbing into the discomfort zone, already pushing 100 inside the studio.  So I finished what work I could, then came into the house to . . . clean. 


Having the studio and workshop close at hand is great, but not so great if the weather makes them unusable.


At this point, however, the real input is going to come from the art group's meeting on Wednesday.  I'm impatient, but there's nothing I can do about it.