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I may take a break from all my work tonight and actually READ for a change

My artists' group meets next Wednesday, and I've been tasked with making some kind of presentation on how to do a PDF "catalogue" for our upcoming Artists' Studio Tour.


I am not a graphic artist. My Photoshop Elements software is about five generations old, and I don't use it very much.  Each time I use it, I have to learn everything all over again.


The pages in the Whidbey Island Working Artists' brochure are gorgeous.  They are obviously done by a professional.  The photographs used are obviously done by a professional.  This is very intimidating for an absolute amateur.  Like me.



This is cool stuff.  I'm incredibly impressed.  And I can't compete.


But I can at least say it can be done!



If I can do it, it can't be too difficult, can it?


Obviously, this doesn't have all the bells and whistles, the driving directions to the studio and so on, but I was so damn proud of myself for just getting this much of it figured out that I'm quitting for the evening.