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Pole Setting Crew Has Arrived

Jackhammer crew was here for 2.5 hours.  Moby barked for the first two hours and last 15 minutes.


Pole setting crew just drove in.  I had a chat with the foreman, and learned that there were even MORE errors on this project than were revealed yesterday.


1.  The map used to identify locations for the poles-to-be-replaced was incorrect.  It showed my electric service coming from a non-existent pole at the back of the property connected to a pole on the street behind it, which is where the transformer is located.  (See #4 below.)


2.  The streets were all misidentified on the map.  My account and property had the correct address but was actually marked on the wrong street on the map.


3.  The email notice that was sent -- twice -- had the wrong information regarding outages.  Accounts without email contact information -- like Patti's -- aren't always contacted by phone, because . . . . . they just aren't.


4.  The pole that's being replaced today does not have a transformer on it.  The pole with the transformer that serves both my property and the house next door is at the front of my property.  Under normal circumstances, it should have been replaced at the same time as the other OR BEFORE.  Because of a whole bunch of other errors, this pole isn't scheduled for replacement right away, but will be . . . . . eventually.  There are possibilities for more screw-ups when that is scheduled.


Supposedly, all the corrections have now been made, but I'm not holding my breath.


5.  Because I was told there would be an outage this morning, I didn't even try to do any real work.  I was informed by this second crew that the information I was given yesterday about an outage was completely wrong.  There was no reason why I should have been told there would be an outage, as there was no way the pole being replaced "somewhere else" would affect me.  It's a transformer pole, like the one at the front of my property.  The one that was replaced "somewhere else" serves other customers, not me.


So I wasted the whole morning when I could have been doing other things without fear of an outage.


BF is out of the house for the rest of the day until mid afternoon.  He offered to treat to dinner out tonight, and I'm not arguing.  My brain and nerves are SHOT.


The hole before jackhammering.



The hole after jackhammering.



The rocks in the foreground are probably in the 30-pound range, though I didn't even try to pick one up.  The one half buried in dirt is . . . . larger.