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So, the Big Miz continues.  And my eyes roll.



Rosy friend Lynne is the one who told Rosy she had seen the famous Angelina in the village, and Rosy identified the model as Matt's "girlfriend."  But the reader knows Angelina is Matt's sister.


Why would Rosy, who is taking Matt on a tour of the village, even bring up the supposed girlfriend?  Would she do it to try to find out how serious the relationship is?  If so, shouldn't that motivation be revealed to the reader?  Well, it should, but it's not.


How did Rosy know anything about Angelina's alleged therapy?  Had she learned this from the People-type magazines Lynne showed her?  We don't know.  And why in the name of goodness would she bring up a subject like the woman's heath status with the man she (Rosy) believes is Angelina's boyfriend???


I'm just rolling my eyes all over the place!  This is nuts!


What makes it even more nuts is that author Wilson exacerbates the Big Miz contrivance by having Matt fail to explain. 


Matt is supposed to be a "famous" gardener, but he hasn't told Rosy that.  He hasn't told her he's a gardener at all.  So she would have no way of knowing, even if she recognized his name that he is Angelina's brother.


I'm now nearly 25% into this book.  The conflict mentioned in the description about the school being closed still hasn't been mentioned.  But I do know that the local Ren Faire troupe performs at the pub every other Sunday.