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I woke up with the worst stiff neck in maybe forever

I almost couldn't get out of bed.  Unfortunately, I have too much work to do to baby it, so I'll just power through, I guess.


The list of things I wanted to do while BF is out of town keeps growing, but I'm actually getting a few small items crossed off the list.


I did find some photos of Topsy, the first of my grandparents' Chihuahuas, but they aren't good photos.  So here's one of me (sort of) with an unnamed dog.  That's me on the right with my mom, my grandmother in the middle with the puppy.  I have no idea who the other children are.  Taken in front of my grandparents' home on Owen Avenue, Edison Park, IL, 1950/51.


EDITED TO ADD:  I believe the address of the house is 6921 N. Owen Avenue.  From what I can determine via Google Maps Street View, the brick house next door is still there, and my grandparents' house is, too, though somewhat altered, which isn't surprising given it's been close to 70 years since they sold it.