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Update on the Birthday Book

The genealogical and encyclopedic history of the Wheeler family in America  - American College of Genealogy, Albert Gallatin Wheeler

This photo completely confused me.  The names were in the birthday book, but they weren't quite right.  So I did some looking around online.



Sarah Drury McMurtrie (on the left) was my great-grandmother's sister, but she was only listed in the birthday book under her married name, unlike almost all the rest of the women.  And the fact that there were so many Drurys got me confused, until I did some online research and discovered that there were TEN children born to Richard and Ann Colbert Drury.  I don't know yet how many of those ten have surviving photos in my collection, but I have a feeling it's a bunch of them.  These, of course, are collateral branches, and when you start out with ten of them, they spread very quickly!


Ann Colbert Drury (Grandma Drury, on the right) was born in 1829.  I think I have her marriage certificate in my files.


This photo can be dated to 1889, since that's when Percy McComb was born.


I flatly refuse to fall down the rabbit hole of genealogical research, at least not beyond what's readily on hand or available with quick online searches.  I've been able to fill in a lot of gaps from the birthday book and correct a few errors, too.  This is helping me more completely identify the photos, which is my real objective.


I'm not sure how far back the Gerrie line on my grandmother's side goes.  Her grandfather, Forbes Gerrie, was born in 1830 in Scotland, but I think I have some records that go back a little further than that.


The Drury branch goes back to Richard Drury, who married Ann Colbert, and he was born in 1820.


One of the difficulties, of course, is that these are all very common names, so without specific dates or documentation, it would be nearly impossible to go back much further.


The Wheeler side is documented a bit more, going back to one Joseph Wheeler born in 1767, probably around Litchfield, Connecticut.  I was able to find a scanned copy of The Wheeler Family in America online and filled in few names, and then it occurred to me to see if it was available in a digital edition.


Ha!  And only $1.99! 


It's an OCR scanned version with gazillions of errors no one bothered to fix, which is the same as the various versions online.  I had already grabbed screen shots of the most relevant pages, but there are some of those side branches that I still need to fill in, so I figured it was worth two bucks.


And that way I don't feel so bad about posting old family photos on BookLikes!