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Romance is more than sex

To be perfectly honest with you, I have spent far too much time the past few days going through my Kindle library in search of "stuffed" books.  I've taken screen shots of Amazon listings of stuffed books.  I've reported them to Amazon for being in breach of the Terms of Service.


The worst side effect of this is the trauma of having to read even small portions of some of the stuffed material.  It's horrible.  It's horribly written.  It's horribly formatted.  The punctuation sucks.  The syntax is shattered.  The research is almost non-existent.


Almost nothing irritates me more than historical romance writers who can't be bothered to research the English peerage so they get the titles and forms of address correct.  (Dukes are not addressed as Lord First-name, and I think if I see that one more time I will scream until I break my vocal chords.)


But those are the little things, the details.  Then there's the big thing.


The sex.


Or should I say the fucking?


Because it's not even sex any more, it's just fucking.


So call it that.  "This is a book with a whole lotta fucking in it.  Big cocks go into wet pussies and there's lots of cum all over the place.  The end."


Story?  You want a story?  You want feelings and emotions and tenderness and desire and longing?  Fuggeddaboudit.


Plot?  Plot????  What's that?


Character arc?  Are you kidding?


If this is what passes for New Adult Romance, blech.