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Ah, yes. Smiles

The Well At The World's End: Volume I - William Morris, Lin Carter

The afternoon's schedule got turned all upside down.


BF has been having problems with his knee.  For years.  Many years.  Has an MRI scheduled for tomorrow, 5:00 a.m.  So he says around 2:00 this afternoon that he will treat for dinner early, in order to get home early and to bed at a decent hour.  He further says he wants to give the knee a rest after manhandling the water heater yesterday.  Since he has MRI and another doctor appt in the morning and umpiring in the evening, the water softener can wait until Wednesday.  I don't argue.  I'm numb at this point.


We leave the house about 3:15 and go to a restaurant on the periphery of the mall where Sears is located, source of the water softener.  After we finish, he says well, maybe we should get the water softener while we're right here.  I agree, because I've just finished eating and I tend to be slightly lethargic after eating, especially if early in the afternoon.


Because I almost never go to the mall -- probably haven't been there in three years or more -- I have no idea which entrance we need.  He finds a parking place a substantial distance from the door and we walk up.  It's warmish -- lower 90s -- and I'm full and lethargic.  And I'm not looking forward to shelling out another $450.


We walk in, and it's the correct entrance by tools and hardware.  There are no customers in sight.  Not a single one. Not one.  Four or five salesmen, however, are lounging around a central service booth directly in our path toward the appliances.  One of the salesmen smiles and greets BF, who has enough salesman experience and background that he greets the guy right back.  BF is like that.  Very outgoing.  Very personable.  Very engaging.


Makes me wanna puke.


Anyway, he's five or six feet ahead of me simply because he's taller and has longer legs.  The salesman then greets me . . . . .




Three times he asks me to smile, and after the third time, when I'm already well past him, I call over my shoulder, "If you ask me to smile one more time, I'm going to come back there and hit you."


The purchase of the water softener was quick and easy, and it was actually on sale from what I'd seen online.  I paid, got the receipt, and we headed back out to drive to Merchandise Pick-up.  That meant walking past the guys lounging in tools and hardware.


And the salesman made some comment under his breath.  I very nearly went back to loose a tirade on him about how he wouldn't DARE demand that a man smile at him, but he seemed to think a woman he's never seen before in his fucking life owes him a fucking smile!


But I didn't.


I did, however, explain to BF why I said what I did, about going back and hitting the guy if he asked me again.


"He thinks it's okay to demand a woman smile at him.  He doesn't know what she's going through in her life or how she feels or anything else, but she OWES him a smile, and he has a RIGHT to demand it.  If no one ever tells him otherwise, he'll continue to think he has the right to do it again and again and again and again.  I don't really think my comment will make him stop, but at least I didn't encourage him or let him think he could get away with it with me."


We got home with the water softener, and he's complaining about his knee, so I told him to leave the softener alone until Wednesday.  I think he's actually going to listen to me.


In the meantime, I'm going to start a long overdue re-read of William Morris.  I loaded it on the Kindle a few days ago but never queued it up to read.  Tonight is a good night to take it easy.