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I forgot all about it - in progress - full review later

Witch Is When It All Began - Adele Abbott

Another off the freebie list.


I'm making a concerted effort to get through the Kindle books.  Well, actually all the books.  There are far too many of them.


So I booted this onto the K4PC yesterday evening and read for half an hour or so while letting the dogs out, etc., etc., with intentions of reading more on the little Kindle after I went to bed.  I finished a chapter or so, and at 4% shut down the laptop and crawled into bed.


That's where I discovered I had already read 10% of this book . . . sometime in the (far distant?) past!  And I remembered absolutely none of it.


So I read on up through 13%, and it's just not grabbing me, except in a weird way.


This is one of those books I'd love to sit down with the author and mark up the manuscript to point out where she went "wrong," at least in my never humble opinion.  Too much backstory, too much "business" (in the theatrical sense), far too little story.