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You get what you pay for, Part the Umpteenth

Kindle Freebie #1, Rough Hard Fierce by Skye Warren


She hesitated. “Did he… did he force you?”


“No,” I lied, my voice hollow. “Of course not.”


Even on that night I knew I’d never tell anyone what had happened. Not Shelly. And definitely not the police. If they couldn’t protect Shelly from her own father, how could they protect me? They wouldn’t believe me. I’d take the words—the confession, the shame—and bury them deep. So deep no one could ever hear them. Not even me.

Warren, Skye. Rough Hard Fierce (pp. 2-3). Skye Warren. Kindle Edition.


My heart clenched. I hated him for what he did. But I loved him as my friend, the one who’d hung out every afternoon and made me smile when my dad hadn’t been back in months. Most of all, I understood him—more than I wanted to. I knew what went on at his house, even if he’d never actually told me. We were all broken, and we turned on each other with our fear and our fists. It was a cold way to live. A familiar one.

Warren, Skye. Rough Hard Fierce (p. 3). Skye Warren. Kindle Edition.


She's a teenager and she's pregnant because her boyfriend raped her but she's still protecting him because.


And people wonder why there's a rape culture?  Wonder why women don't speak up when they're abused?  Wonder why powerful men get away with it?


Yeah, I read three pages before giving up.  This shit sucks.


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