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I wrote a little yesterday, maybe 400 words.  Before turning out the lights, I got in about half an hour of dedicated reading time, too. 


This morning went to grocery shopping and then putting everything away.  I also bought some more plastic storage boxes to accommodate the rocks I've been trying to organize.  No, I'm not going to start carrying boxes of rocks all over the place and stressing my elbow, but I can at least begin the sorting to clean up the mess in the studio.  Even a few minutes a day can make a difference.


After a quick lunch, I finally sat down with the laptop and queued up the WIP.  It's still boring, but a few more words flowed out of my fingers, and I'm easing into what I think is going to be a major dramatic transition.


We had some sprinkles of rain late last night, and more late this morning.  Not enough to do anything like lay the dust or actually water the plants, but it was water from the sky.  It's been ages since the last real rain.  I turned the hose on the big plants last week-end and I'm planning to do it again this week-end.  I'm still so excited about my ironwood tree.