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No more sewing . . . and 49,147

Sunday morning I wakened to two small but urgent sewing projects.  The weather was cool enough for me to spend some time in the studio -- where the sewing room is -- so I headed over there with the idea that I'd have the projects taken care of in about an hour.


Collecting the needed fabrics and patterns was no big deal, though I did have a little trouble clearing enough counter space to do the actual cutting.  Yes, the studio is more than a little, er, cluttered.


Once everything was cut, I proceeded to the sewing machine.  It took less than 60 seconds for my tendonitis to scream at me to stop.


Unfortunately, I couldn't.  I said this was urgent.  I need to get these two items made and ready to mail Monday morning.


The elbow screamed louder.  In fact, it screamed so loud I screwed up the first item and was going to have to make another to replace it.


I got nothing else done Sunday.  I couldn't write, could barely even read.


Yesterday, having begged a postponement on mailing these items, I forced myself to finish them.  What should have taken no more than an hour ended up taking three hours when I figured in all the rests and pauses.  And after I had finished, well, I was unable to anything else.  Almost all of yesterday was spent on the couch, reading little bits of Twitter and struggling to finish a book review that I had started Saturday.




Last night I was finally able to scribble a few words and transcribe them to the computer.  And I took some more cactus flower pictures yesterday afternoon.






Another shot of the Santa Rita cactus.  Yes, they really are purple.