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Bad dreams, bad news, and flowers - skip to the flowers

I had a bad night last night.  Disturbing dreams woke me several times, left me awake but distraught and very stressed.  Of the worst two, one was about a volcano, and when I woke I couldn't stop thinking about how and what I would pack if I had to evacuate the property the way I did in the dream.  The second really upsetting one was about a 19th century ranch, and though I was disoriented at first, later it was kind of funny because one of the main characters was Newt Gingrich.


I spent almost eleven hours in bed but got no more than six or so hours of sleep.  I dragged myself out of bed still feeling tired.


But it was cool outside, so I hoped to take care of some small housekeeping chores in the workshop before spending some time on the rock saw.  I haven't had the opportunity to cut any rocks at all this cool season due to back spasms, tendonitis, bad weather, and so on.  The forecast is for a few days of temperate weather and I was eager to get cutting.


It didn't happen.  Though my foot finally feels good enough to stand on for an extended period of time needed to play on the saw, my elbow doesn't.  I had some stones to clean, and I was barely able to finish that task.  The elbow just screamed at me.


Iced rice didn't help.  I couldn't hold a book or even my Kindle to read.  The slightest work on the computer caused agony.  Even watching television was painful in a physical sense; any movement at all provoked horrific jolts of pain.


Then came the change in the weather.  It wasn't unexpected: Strong winds were forecasted to bring the cooler temperatures, but nothing was expected quite as strong as what we got.  I'm paranoid about wind damage and insurance claims, so that's just another stressor.


I don't need any more, but  . . .


While I was in the bathroom, Biscuit threw up on the carpet.  The messy kind.  Before I could do anything, she threw up again, but on the tile.


I got started on the clean up. 


Biscuit wanted outside.  I was pretty sure she was going to throw up again, so I rushed to get her out.  My arm was so bad by this time that I was almost crying from the pain.


On top of all this, BF is going to be here for supper for the first time in a week.  Cooking wouldn't be a problem . . . if I weren't in so much pain. 


Mentally, I needed a break.  Pain or no pain, I grabbed the camera and headed outside to get cactus flower pictures.  It was so windy I had trouble getting still shots, but I managed a few.  I no sooner got back in the house than Biscuit started acting like she needed out again.  She immediately threw up twice more.  This is scaring me.


I uploaded the pictures from the camera and went back to work on the carpet stain.  It will take several cleanings. 


The news on tv isn't cheering.  The wind is still battering my patio awnings.  The elbow is not getting any better.  Biscuit has been in and out, still acting sick.


All I have to show for it are some pictures.


Buds on Tuesday:



And blooming today