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On the mend!

Routine follow-up doctor appointment today to check on how the current meds are doing, so I had her look at the foot, too.  It took a while, but she located and removed the nasty splinter that was causing all the problems.  The sucker was 0.5 cm (1/4 inch) in length and had gone straight in, which was why no one could see it.  My foot still hurts, but not at all the way it did before the extraction!


And it's a good excuse to miss a picnic this afternoon that I didn't want to go to anyway.


Yesterday the damn thing hurt so bad that I couldn't concentrate on anything beyond finally going back and adjusting some of the original reviews that had been transferred to BL from "the other place" back in 2013.  None of them had titles and many weren't linked to books, so I fixed those and added some tags to make them easier to locate in the future.


Stumbling across the post about the "bot" accounts on Goodreads made me wonder if somehow or other they weren't connected to other "bots" on other platforms.  I mean, if I were an intelligence operative wanting to test a bot program, Goodreads would have made a perfect testing ground, wouldn't it?  Who would have been suspicious?


But we'll never know, will we.


I have more cactus flower pics to post, but they'll have to wait until after lunch.  Right now I'm relaxing, putting my foot up, and thinking (but not very hard) about fixing a sandwich.