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I'm reblogging my own post because I'm still having major problems.

This book still doesn't show up in search, not when I search for "The Maya" -- I get Maya Angelou and Maya Banks -- nor when I search for Michael Coe.

Even though I added a title page cover for it, that cover has disappeared from my listing for this book. The green dust jacket that Murder by Death found was, I thought, added as a replacement, but it now shows nowhere.

This is ONE BOOK. I own this book. I can take photos of it, I can make a video of me holding it. There is no reason why this existing book should not be searchable.

I no longer know what to do. Another BookLikes member has posted that she's leaving out of frustration. I don't want to leave. I'm banned from Goodreads. Amazon is gone. Facebook is now toxic.

And BookLikes, which is poised to make a huge move to fill a huge void, seems unwilling to do anything.

This is ONE BOOK. And after all these months, ONE BOOK isn't fixed.

Am I using "Search" wrong? Or is there a problem?

Reblogged from Linda Hilton:

If I search for a title "The Maya," I get books by Maya Angelou and Maya Banks, but nothing like the title I'm looking for.


If I search on author "Michael Coe," I get books with Michael in the title or any author named Michael.



I added the book because the existing entry is for another edition but under the wrong author name.


Half an hour to enter ONE BOOK.