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I am exhausted and I ache e v e r y w h e r e


I got a good night's sleep, but I'm still tired.  With temperatures predicted into the mid 90s the next few days, I was up and outside by 7:00 to begin moving everything from the front patio to the studio.  The distance is only 20 yards/meters or so, but it was more than I could handle last night.


It's now Monday afternoon.  Just about everything (except tables) is put away in the studio. Table covers are all washed, dried, folded, packed in their storage tub until next fall.  BF will help me with the tables later, probably tomorrow.  There's no rush on them.  They, too, will be set in their little storage spot for the summer, awaiting the next show in October.


My intention was to take today easy, especially to let my foot heal.  It's better, but it's still sore, and the more walking I do, the worse it feels.  And I just plain ache all over.  Back, hips, shoulders, ankles.  The elbow tendonitis is still twinging now and then.  I really need a long nap!


That's not in the cards. 


Weather forecast is for a few days of daytime highs in the mid 90s, followed by a week of more moderate temperatures.  I'm hoping to use that week to accomplish a whole lot of outdoor and workshop tasks preparatory to next season's art shows.  In advance of that work, I have a ton of inside work to do first.  Paperwork, taxes, even just cleaning that's been left ignored the past month.  Even while taking care of the show clean-up, I'm hitting some of this support work, too.  And yes, even while I'm almost falling asleep at the computer.


I wanted to go outside and check on the cactus for new flowers, but alas, it's too hot and I'm too tired.  So this is from yesterday, two flowers that started to open early in the morning and reached full bloom by afternoon.







This particular cactus plant is very large and is covered with buds.  There's another plant in another part of the yard, and it's even more covered.  I got one quick shot Sunday morning.  At that time, none of the buds were even close to opening, but I haven't looked at it today.



I'll take a look at it later this afternoon.