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A funny day, but you'll have to wait.

First day of spring studio tour went okay.  Not huge sales, but decent.  I can't complain.


I am in terrible pain however from what I think was a sliver of wood in the bottom of my foot.  Apparently I didn't get all of it out and it decided to get infected.  I'm also achy from just doing too much.


One more cactus flower opened so I took pictures at intervals to show the progress.  Caught some little bees in the act of robbing the nectar.  Will post tomorrow when I'm less achy and less exhausted.


Funny thing happened with my bigoted old next door neighbor that even made BF laugh out loud.  But it's too long to peck out on the Kindle, so it will have to wait, too.


Now it's time to give the dog his pills and then I'm going to bed.