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The next few days

— feeling tired

Our Spring Fling Studio Tour is this coming week-end.  I'm not ready.  Between the various bouts with back spasms, then the tendonitis, I just haven't done nearly as much work as I should have.


Yesterday -- Sunday -- my elbow was feeling pretty good.  I was in the studio before 7:00 and spent almost five hours there.  I did some desperately needed cleaning.  I wire-wrapped a couple of small stones.  And I finished a larger stone that I had started a day or two earlier.



Before I quit for the day, I started another, in hopes of finishing it today.  I did finish it, but the sun was getting brighter and brighter, so I snapped a few pictures before the stone was done and before the light was too strong.  Even so, I had to adjust the exposure on the computer a bit to pick up the details.



Between now and Saturday, most of my energy will be directed toward making more jewelry and getting ready for the week-end's event.  Of course, last night I managed to injure myself AGAIN, this time ripping off a broken pinkie fingernail so far down that it bled.  It still hurts, but it's the left hand and I'm a rightie, so I can still function.  No back spasms, the elbow is improving, and I'm rebuilding the inventory I should have taken care of over the past several months.


This afternoon or tomorrow I'll post some pictures of the front garden.  Two of the agaves are in the process of blooming, a process that lasts a couple of weeks and then the plant dies.  Neither of these is as spectacular as the others we've had, but they're still quite impressive.  Unfortunately, rainfall was low this winter, which means a lesser bloom for the cactus.  There should still be some flowers for the week-end.


Once this show is over, I can take it a little easy for the rest of the summer.  That means more reading and, I hope, more writing.