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So . . . .

In the process of identifying the gothics and gothic romances in my overall collection, I discovered that there are a whole lot of my Kindle books that never got posted to my BookLikes shelves.  Mostly this is because the Kindle editions don't exist on BL, and they're not that easy to create.  Rather than just enter any old edition, I never entered them at all.


Knowing that BL doesn't alphabetize our shelves by author last name, then by author first name, I thought I'd try to compare lists by putting them in alphabetical order by title.


Yes, that horrible sound you heard was my scream.


Kindle alphabetizes by the first significant word in the title.  The Apple Blossom Bower is thus in the "A" section.



On BookLikes, it's in the "T" section with all the other "The" titles.


I would really like to be able to check my Kindle catalogue with my BookLikes shelves and update the BookLikes database accordingly, but BookLikes has made that unnecessarily difficult.


So I guess we're at another of those "Never mind" points. 


Just remember, it doesn't hurt me; it hurts BookLikes and all the other users.