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The disappearance of integrity

I wake up this morning and put myself together, knowing I have several urgent tasks to take care of right away. Anything related to arts, crafts, writing, or even cleaning has to wait until these chores are out of the way.


First is to pay a couple of bills online.  I log into email, call up the notifications, make the payments.  There is also an urgent message from my artists group regarding the upcoming Spring Studio Tour.


The maps for these events have always been a rather contentious issue, because it's so easy to get things wrong on them.  To avoid errors, I have always advocated giving the artists the opportunity to proofread the map before it goes to the printer. Every single time the event chairperson has waved off this suggestion, there have been errors, and some of them have been embarrassing.  (Like the chairperson's name spelled wrong on his own studio.  Yeah, it happened.  Really.)


Today's email was about the maps for the April event.  Attached was the JPG of the finalized map.  The listing for my studio is incorrect, but apparently I have no opportunity to correct it.  It's not seriously wrong, but it's wrong. 


It's supposed to be


"Angel Feathers" - Lapidary & Gemstone Jewelry


Instead, someone removed the essential punctuation and made it


Angel Feathers Lapidary & Gemstone Jewelry


I grumbled and grumbled and grumbled, but because I already have a reputation as a troublemaker in a group where troublemakers are NOT APPRECIATED AT ALL ( and where said troublemakers frequently are targets for retaliation), I decided to shut my mouth and fingers and say nothing.


Then I noticed something odd.


Of the eight artists whose work is featured on the cover of the map/brochure, one of them is the president of the organization, Jennifer Kennard, but she is not participating in the Tour.






But again, to say anything at all is to invite retribution.


I'm going out to the workshop now, to play with my box of old gothic romances.  And try not to hate everyone. . . . .