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To Green Angel Tower - Tad Williams

It's been slow going because I keep getting caught up in other activities.


But I'm making progress.


I remember nothing of this volume of the trilogy, so it's all virtually new to me.  However, I have one observation that's troubling me.


I'm still not liking Williams's portrayal of some of the women.



Miriamele "gives in" to Aspitis's sexual advances, partly out of despair, partly out of physical desire because he's handsome.  But so far there's no discussion of the fact that she is not in any position to resist him.  It's still rape.


Simon, on the other hand, was able to resist Aditu's advances (in the previous book) because.  He had no hope of ever leaving, and he had no hope of ever gaining the favor of the girl/woman he cared about -- Miriamele -- because he still thought of himself as just a scullion.


Vorzheva changes her mind about everything . . . because she's pregnant.


Maegwin can't tell Eolair how she really feels because she thinks she's ugly and because she has duties.

(show spoiler)


Maybe some of these will change as this final volume goes on, but it seems to be, for the most part, that the non-human female characters, such as the Norn Queen and Gan Itai the Niskie are more assertive than the ones mentioned above.


Or maybe it's just me.