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New Year's Eve Resolutions

Just got back from the Asian buffet.  And yes, I stuffed myself yet again.  Oh, well.


I have two resolutions for tomorrow, New Year's Eve.  Not for the new year, of course, because I wouldn't keep them anyway.  But just for tomorrow.


1.  Clean up the horrendous backlog of email.  You do not want to know how truly horrendous it is.


2.  Tally up and report my Festive Season tasks and reads that have been languishing while I've mostly been reading Tad Williams.  I've done and read other things, however, but haven't recorded/reported them.


I have studiously avoided going out anywhere on New Year's Eve for many years.  A few times there have been invitations that couldn't be declined, but I doubt I've gone out more than three or four times on 31 December in the past 40 years.  There are neighbors who have to do the fireworks/gunfire bullshit and so the dogs need someone to be here anyway, and I have just never felt comfortable being on the roads even for short distances.


And even as I wrote that, someone in the neighborhood started with the fireworks.