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Stone of Farewell - Tad Williams

Previous update was made o the Kindle Fire so I didn't write a lot.


Another 40 pages in and I'm hoping to finish this volume maybe tomorrow.


The typos are becoming more annoying. 


One character's name is Josua.  J O S U A.  At least three or four times it's been JOSHUA.  It's bad enough to have a character whose name is too obviously close to a "real" name, especially with this whole pseudo-christian religion element woven in.  When the typesetting errors compound the problem, it's more than just annoying.


I didn't take the time to mark the errors.  Some were "she" instead of "he" or vice versa.  Words were duplicated, as in "something could could happen."  Punctuation, usually quotation marks, was sometimes left out.  Because of the complexity of Williams's writing, knowing where dialogue begins and ends relative to stage directions and other narrative is essential.  Having to reread a passage to decipher dialogue from narrative completely pulls the reader out.  When it happens in the middle of a tense scene, it's even more annoying than usual.


I'm still enjoying the book, and I'm not blaming the author for the typos.  Truth is, typesetting in the 1980s could be pretty horrendous, and maybe I'm just spoiled.