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Okay, what did I screw up THIS TIME???

I have no drop-down menus on BookLikes.


You know where you select your tags for a post?  Well, mine are there, but I can't access them.  Nor can I change the number of books that appear on a shelf page -- I get 25 and the drop-down for 50 or 75 isn't operative.


When I tried to add a new edition of a book, the drop-down for the format choices wouldn't work.


I'm pretty sure it's something I did. 



BookLikes was acting weird today, and even though none of my other sites were doing strange things, everything was really slow.  Then Amazon came up with this two-stage authentication crap to access my seller account, so I had to mess around with that.  Then I had to re-install my anti-virus thing, and heaven only knows what it did.  I know it wiped out all my bookmarks and a few other things as well.


But I can't put any tags on my BL posts.  What did I screw up, and how do I unscrew it?